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26 March 2010


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Lurker Girl

Love the dress! That will look GREAT on you! The descriptive copy sucks ("Great spring dress") . . . seriously, they couldn't come up with a better word than great? Flattering? Wear-everywhere? Versatile? Fashion-forward yet comfortable? Jeez. That copywriter put the Lame in Lame Giant.

I have been spending a small FORTUNE at New York & Company and yet I don't go anywhere! Ha! But I look great when shopping at NY & Co.! Actually, wait, I have a HONEYMOON CRUISE coming up! I'm buying for my trousseau (sp?). Yes, that's it.

Happy shopping, La! Good for you!


Girl, you should be hittin' up Vicky's Secret for that trousseau!

Thank you - I love the dress. I felt so comfortable in it. I think, after 40 years, I have found my colors.


Wow, I haven't been here forever. For shame! I know we only met, like, once, but you are so not zaftig. You are cute and artsy and way hip and like a size 12. So stay away from LG, unless they have more dresses that make you feel comfortable and fits well. In that case, carry on.


Also, I got a catalog today I had never heard of: Alloy.com

Some cute, reasonably priced things! Still a catalog though, which we know how that goes...


KtP, you're so nice (I won't tell anyone that, haha)
but I'm not a size 12. I have learned how to hide some of my excess baggage. I got one of those Alloy catalogs too - very cute stuff! Thanks for reminding me. Also, I might just order something from Chadwick's soon...maybe not.

Air Jordans

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Well, thank you Air Jordans. Tell Michael I say Hey.

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