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15 March 2010


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90% of the crap we hate about our skin (fine lines, wrinkles, uneven tone, dark spots, etc.) are from the sun. Show me a chick who wore sunscreen everyday of her life and you'll see some awesome skin. Unfortunately that is easier said than done, and we also need to absorb some sun to make vitamin D. That being said, maybe you can find a physical sunscreen instead of a chemical one to use. The physical kind acts as a sort of barrier on top of the skin and doesn't absorb into your skin like the chemical kind, although chemical can protect you from a wider range of rays. We get a lot of sun damage when we aren't sitting at the beach all day, even just driving. Too bad something that feels so good and makes us so happy can also ruin our faces. Stupid sun. Sorry for the novel!


I just can't see how putting yogurt on your skin is good for it. Or anything found in the kitchen, really. But then Lucy would have a field day with my ginormous pores.

Queen Helene

The Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque is a classic go-to masque and a great addition to your skin care routine. It helps deep clean skin that is prone to pimples and enlarged pores to leave skin feeling refreshed and smooth. Follow the link below to get a coupon for $1.00 off and give it a try. Hope you enjoy.


Lurker Girl

KTP, yogurt has lactic acid that is proven to soften skin. That's why they use it for body washes and lotions, too. Plus milk makes a great addition to a pedicure soak . . . I do a nice milk & honey soak for really soft feet!


JuJuBee: what's an example of a physical sunscreen?
And while you're here, what's your opinion on mineral makeup?

KtP and Lurker Girl, thanks - to build on what LG says, lactic acid and sugar are natural gentle exfoliators, so is salt, which is why you pay lots of money at spas for milk baths, salt scrubs. Honey also helps clear pimples because it's antibacterial. It doesn't do it as quickly as a drying lotion but a little dab of warm honey at night will decrease a zit. Rosemary in a steam pot helps cleanse the pores. Avocado moisturizes, sometimes I rub the inside avocado peels, after I've eaten the guacamole, on my knees and elbows for a couple minutes. Oh and I forgot about the olive oil for your hair and nails.

Of course the husband thinks I'm nuts. But I swear that maple syrup as a pre-shampoo hair treatment (follow the link in the post) really works.

Your majesty Queen Helene, thank you. The mint julep also can be used as a spot treatment for blemishes, leave it on a spot overnite.

I have a little bit of experience in that area.

Queen Helene

You're very welcome JujuBee, and yes, the mint julep does also works well as an overnight spot treatment. Great advice.

Feel free to pass the coupon on to anyone else who might like it.


I agree about sun screen, it's like getting a 'gradual chemical burn'. What also helps me in moisturizing my skin is drinking a lot of water or other liquids with real lemons. I may try the yogurt. Also, steam baths really do work. xo, D

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