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27 February 2010


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Lurker Girl

Totally agree! The Office has totally jumped the shark and it's almost uncomfortable to watch. I only half pity-watch it. 30 Rock has always been hit or miss for me. Maybe I'm not cool enough or Hollywood Foreign Press-ish enough to appreciate it? Two and a Half Men: NOT FUNNY. Saw an episode or two and predicted every one of the lines. WTF do people see in this show? I cannot seem to get into American Idol this year -- thought it was just me and my busy life but my mom and sister (and you!) are all sort "eh", too.

Modern Family remains the only sitcom worth watching. Parks and Recreation is pretty cute, too, but hardly a can't miss. I would miss my own wedding for Modern Family. But that's not gonna happen since my wedding is on a Saturday!

Hear good things about Big Bang theory but have never watched it.


Modern Family is excellent!! I'm so glad you turned me on to that. I can't even decide on my favorite character, that's how good it is.

Big Bang Theory I also love if only for Dr. Sheldon Cooper. If it weren't for him the show would've been done long ago.

I still watch live TV so all of this frustration lies with me to solve.

I just don't like having to watch a sit-com like it's a soap opera, like, "Didn't they get married? Oh I can't wait til they have that baby. I wonder what's going to happen with Angela's love life?"


I love 2.5 Men. But I only catch the syndicated reruns so I have no idea if the current epis are funny or not.


Dude...gotta disagree on the Office with ya. I literally LOL on the regular watching that show, and I don't often do that. When Dwight flat out got the tape measure out to check Pam's dilation, pure comedy man.

Never watched that Charlie Sheen show, he is a tool.

30 Rock is still aight, and you are spot on with Idol, which is why we bailed on it half way thru last season and never set the season pass for this year, and that feels damn good!


I have to admit that I watched the baby episode online because Salty D. was like, "I can't believe you're not gonna watch THE OFFICE BABY!" So I was like, alright. And it had some really funny parts. Dwight was priceless in this one. And Jim was great. He usually is my fave but the looks on his face when the male lactation coach was helping Pam, and when they accidentally nursed the wrong baby, hysterical. And creepy.

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