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04 February 2010


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Love the wigs! I want the Miss Candance one. Only cause I want tp be called Miss. Candance

Peeved Michelle

I might have to get the Willow Skit Suit and the Babette Capri Suit. And OMG did you look at the BOOTS?!

Average Jane

I love that Violetta suit! And I'm in the market for a new suit. Hmmm...


Jane: I know! I'm seriously considering Violetta. I'm just wishing for a different color, like perhaps a VIOLETTA-gray shade. Boots, slingbacks, little wedge shoes, they'd all work with that look.

Michelle: the Willow suit is very cute for you, as is the Babette. The Willow has those looped edges detail I like. I just wasn't crazy about how long the skirt is for me. I trip easily.

Susan/Miss Candace! Nice. I actually wish my hair would look more like the Spicy Roberta. A good tranny name actually.


OMG and I MUST order the sequined boots!
Seriously. Those are HOT, and they're in wide size only!

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