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28 January 2010


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Lauren (the girl who moved to Tennessee)

I remember getting your email to me, Michelle and Jen saying "I'm in. What hotel are you staying at" and I emailed Jen and Michelle and said who the hell is Laura? Little did I know how cool you would be! hehe


I just think it is funny that with the whole global community blah blah blah thing that's a hand annotated map. :)

Peeved Michelle

It didn't strike me as odd at all until I was saying good-bye to you and said, "See you in New York." Then I wondered if my new thing is going to be having friends that I only see once or twice a year, but never in our home states.

maria rodale

Hey Laura! We're going to Nashville for our vacation this summer! Let me know what's good...I can't wait!!!!

Maria(farm country kitchen)


Lauren: I think you're cool too. And your friends are fun. Can we date now?

Joanne: I know! But regardless of any technological advances, SHARPIES RULE!

PM: I didn't think it was too odd either, except when I said "I would hug you goodbye but I'm only wearing a towel and that would be really gay."

Maria: You're going to have a blast! I'll share with you what I found to be good in my short stay. I'm definitely going back someday with the husband!

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