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04 December 2009


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Lurker Girl

Yea! Good shoes! LOVE, LOVE them!

I think I've commented on this before -- my sister says she has 15-min. shoes, 30-min. shoes, 1-hr. shoes, and sneakers.

She wore 15-min. shoes in Vegas once and the straps literally turned into razo blades as the night went on. She still bears the scars from that ill-fated night.

They were smokin' hot shoes, though. So, it was worth it! : )


Those shoes last night were 30 minute shoes. I wore them for 5 hours. I'll time the new farylrobins today. Love that measurement.


I am intrigued by the Harlow ones - wish the pics on the website were bigger (and more angles) to see how thick the bottoms are - I really like a platform bottom to add height to my stumpy self. I hope you can walk long distances in these new boots!


I LOVE the Harlows. You have to go to other shoe sites to see the whole shoe, that is something I don't like about farylrobin's site either. I was going to order the Harlows but was concerned about the shaft size. Um, :)

BUT they are on sale, I found out thru twitter-- "Nordstrom is offering our Harlow boot at a 33% discount! Now, that's a deal! http://ow.ly/HZoz"




They are 2.5 hour shoes. If you're more accustomed to wearing high heels, or you're not as top-heavy as I am, they will last longer.

Chris Oh

I heard somewhere "Invest in shoes because a good pair will take you where you want to go/be." A shoe can make or break and outfit, so I believe in fab shoes that last just like other investment pieces in your wardrobe.

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