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16 December 2009


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Because I wanted to tweet this so bad, and didn't out of fear of crucifixion- these Twitter Dramas seem to bring out the same people-the same five people stirring the pot.
This person who is questioning said probably 5 things that to me were a bit "bitchy" and heartless- but in my opinion it is better to ignore her- If nobody gave her mind she'd probably fade into the social networking wall.


Nice post. I watched this all unravel in real time as well. I am always hesitant/skeptical when it comes to what is posted on the internet since I've seen a few scams myself. But I also did not want to question a mother that could very possibly be grieving. I'm sure she feels guilty enough already, I know I would. Even if my negligence or lack there of wasn't the direct cause of the accident. There simply is no need to rub it in.

Lurker Girl

.... Annnnd this is why I don't use Twitter.


i am so sad for this little boy. he's gone. he's never coming back. could this have been prevented? i'm so sorry for their loss.


good points. Caution is a great idea, especially when it comes to monetary donation.
And the "bad mom" accusations over tweeting that something huge, albeit horribly tragic, had just happened in her life are ridiculous.
I've received a lot of support from teh internetz before, if something truly tragic happened, why wouldn't I turn back to those same people?


exactly! thank you for your comments.
I would turn to my internets for support of some kind.
This could have happened to any mom, any child care giver, who is distracted by anything, so it's always preventable. A chicken could have been running loose. A giant helicopter could have landed in the yard. A mom could be smoking crack. All can lead to a tragedy.
The women blindly calling her a "bad mom" because she "tweets the day away" are way too judgmental, especially at this time of intense grief. Yes I'm judging them for being judgmental.


Thank you to http://stopdropandblog.com/ for posting this on BlogHer's forum. The drama continues. As military_mom and her friends grieve in real time, one woman makes it her crusade to prove to the world that military_mom was a negligent mother because of her use of Twitter. This one woman who I don't care to name has like one good point in the beginning of all of this, then she jumps into the deep end and it seems she's on a personal quest.

The truth is, I think, you can be distracted by anything. Something bad can always happen. It's wise to make sure internet stories are factual before sending money to a cause. It's important to support your peer in her time of need.

Beyond that, I don't understand why this is exploding and why this one woman is going on MSNBC to make a giant case out of specifically mom-bloggers, except she has a bug up her ass and she wants publicity. I'd think it would be in the best interest of the twitterverse to stop fanning the flames of fame for this other woman.


I wrote a blog post on this one myself, what you said is so true. As a mother who has lost a child no one knows how you will react, but you reach out for support. Your whole world has collapsed and yes Mom herself was feeling guilty at that time. The fact is, people think they know how people should react. the think everyone shuld react as they do. that is not true. Military Mom is one of my followers and I follow, My first reaction was prayer, for her and for her son. More people should have that compassion.

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