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15 December 2009


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I have had latkes on two nights of Chanukah this year - one premaid frozen ones from Trader Joe's that were yummy and one boxed mix fried up in canola - also yummy.
Ben and Caleb blew out the candles though - they didn't quite get that part...


I think I meant pre-made...


oh, and congrats on the handbag success!!!!!!

Lurker Girl

That bag is delish... dusky purple-gray goes with EVERYTHING! I've found Maxx bags at TJ Maxx and Sam's Club (yes, really) -- always at a great price. Good shopping, La! You rose to the challenge!

You're welcome for the pomegranate tip! Of course it was the ex who taught me that but... eff it, I'll take all the credit!

Dammit, everywhere I look, people are talking about latkes and now it's all I can think about. My mom is promising to make me some...

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