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13 November 2009


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Lurker Girl

You don't need to have a mentally disabled sibling to have conversations like that. Bouts of irrational jealousy can be a hallmark of a "normal" sibling relationship, no?

And don't you just like saying you have a colllege degree? I do. I have three, in fact, and will drop it into conversation (or blog comments) whenever I can!

BTW, I'm just kidding about all of this -- I know it's difficult having a sibling with issues. My former boss had a brother with major issues and she found it alternately frustrating, embarrassing, heartbreaking, and annoying.


Good for you, Blaugra. I know that wasn't easy.

Average Jane

That's some admirable restraint.


Thanks girls!
(and I've not really experienced a normal sibling relationship, and I don't think he's fueled by jealousy. It's more about a sense of entitlement and delusion with him.)

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