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06 November 2009


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I volunteer a lot like you. However, I don't have the patience/skills/whatever to be a board member or a chair or a lead. I'd really much rather just show up for my assigned shift, do the work I'm there for and go home. I did try to be a leader for a green-up project but they offered no support whatsoever for a newbie and I quit it. I felt a tiny bit bad because I think as a result my neighborhood doesn't get greened up at all but since we were just the red-headed step-children anyway, I try not to dwell. I volunteered with that same group about a year ago again, and the whole damn day was just a photo op for the mayor so I was done again.

Lurker Girl

I have a well-documented and universal dislike of people. So, yeah, no, I don't volunteer. Nor am I asked to. Coincidence???


do we REALLLLY need to go there? I know a struggling neighborhood that could use a dynamic person such as yourself. We can pay you in admiration, the occasional dance party and maybe a cocktail or two!!!


The Girl Scouts are calling...


Blaugra, as a girl scout leader former SUM, former encampment director, I say run from the Girl Scouts. They suck you in faster than you can sing a chorus of The Princess Pat. :)


Yeah, I don't know how many more times in my life I could stand singing "Little Bunny Foo Foo" either.

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