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06 November 2009


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Tom Guarriello

Um, no. That barbecue? Won't happen. And, it shouldn't. Even forgiveness isn't magic. People are often mysterious. This is one such instance.

Lurker Girl

Just like people who love you would never cheat on you (you can't lie and deceive someone you really love), a friend would never do that to you or your family. She's not your friend. Nor is she a good person. Good people don't do shit like that.

I hope she gets what's coming to her. You are much too good to keep wasting energy thinking about or worrying about this shit bag. BTW, I doubt SHE'S thinking about reconcillatory BBQ's with you.


Remember the good times fondly, but realize there is no future with her. As they say in the movies "You're dead to me cheater lady." I think this applies here. And you can mourn that death cause it is sad - even when the person has done bad things.


Excellent points all! She is dead to me.

But gawddamit, her sentencing got postponed AGAIN!! Looking for closure but I think I'll have to close it myself.


WTF...did my wife just throw a movie quote in her comment? Nice work Blaugie. This chick sucks, throw the book at her! Not for nuthin...but it is what it is.

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