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18 August 2009


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Man, that is why I want a watch - I am getting old? I mean does a Swatch count as old? I bet 'young' people keep their blackberries and phones all charged up all the time so they would never need a watch...


And I don't agree with the watch thing. I see plenty of young people wearing swatches and other cool watches. Large sized watches which I like anyway. The hair & earring thing really bugged me. Today I have my hair up (low messy off center twist to appear carefree and young) and no earrings. It's the perfect hairstyle with which to wear earrings, but I really took that fashion advice to heart. by tomorrow I'll be over it.


..."wearing swatches AND OTHER COOL watches."

That right there, Blaugra dear? That is what an old person would say. :)

Also, you rock with hair.


LOL. totally old.

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