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17 August 2009


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That's kind of awesome customer service. Way to go, non-marshmallow peeps.

Heather Kennedy

Phew. All is right with the world. ;-) Glad your stuff finally made it. I vowed I wasn't going to go through my biz card stack until your package came. That's the story anyway! Now if you could help me figure out just where on earth my daughter's school clothes package from Lands' End is I owe ya one!


I friggin love experiences like that, fun to hear about positives over the negatives.

How much Aquafor did you get? I just got a huge ass tattoo and need that shit! Send it! Just kidding, about sending it not the tattoo.


This customer service story warms the cockles of my heart. It's what I miss the most about America!


I'm so glad your stuff finally came!


I am always a sucker for a good customer service story! And through all these social media venues too - totally awesome.
Sh!t, now I sound old.

Tom Guarriello

Just caught up on this...yay!! All's well that...well, you know. [I'm surprised you're such camping wimps!

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