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14 August 2009


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I wonder if they will hang up those really old photo collages in the new house - the ones by the powder room and laundry room. I will miss those if they don't.


Yes, they are going to hang those!

You would freakin' die if you witnessed all these conversations. And when I tell my mom what I really think, she says, "Aren't you glad we're going through everything now, instead of leaving it all for you to deal with later after we die?"

Why yes, I'm glad we're doing it now, when you're not dead. I'll take whatever you want me to take, now that you brought THAT up.


I'm planning on a controlled burn of my parents house when they kick the bucket. They've lived there 29 years and counting. They are pack rats, and quite probably worse than yours. :)


That's an excellent plan, Joanne.


I would be laughing my arse off ifI were there while your ma would be rolling her eyes at me. Do they still have a stash of Pepperidge Farm stuff?

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