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16 August 2009


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Lurker Girl

That's the one I have . . . and I love it! My mom is treating herself to one for finishing radiation and is torn between orange, hunter green, and sand. My next one will be yellow.


Too funny, also just returned from seeing Julie & Julia. Loved, loved, LOVED it!

Le Creuset is fab - I have the red.


I inherited a Le Creuset in boring old black, but I love it!
Are you constantly thinking of butter like Eleni after she saw it?


Yes! I have to make Boef Bourginon.

However, someone told me that since I have a flat-top stove I can't use Le Creuset.

Le whine, le boo hoo...


Not true.....I use my Le Creuset on the flat-top stove all the time. Just have to be reeaaallly careful not to drop it!


...and I'm back in the game! Thanks Heidi!

Lurker Girl

Yep, my stove is flat-top, too. Never had a problem. Also have an adorable red LeCreuset teapot that's on my stove all the time.

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