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20 July 2009


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Tangerine pants... what are you 70? I'm troubled by them. :) (of course I believe pants should come in about 4 colors only... denim, khaki, black and gray... MAYBE brown or olive drab but definitely not tangerine)

I'm horrified by your health plan and hoping to goodness it is your own individual plan and not what your company is foisting upon you. Otherwise, do they offer an HSA (Health Savings Account) that they may fund partially on your behalf? Blah blah blah health insurance. (it's what I do. :) )

Lurker Girl

As a self-employed single mom of two, I buy my own healthcare. That's fun.

And, yes, if the tangerine pants fit well, keep them. And wear them with BROWN. And gold jewelry. Or a funky wooden necklace that has some orange-y beads on it to tie it all in.


Oh thank you LG. I was having issues with looking too cartoony. The woman at the store was trying to sell me a matching shirt with orange stripes and monkeys on it which just gave me horrible flashes of Garanimals. Love the wood accessories angle. The pants really are cute. They're dark tangerine (ripe?)

J, this is a company health plan of my spouse. They do have some reimbursement plan, and I know all that extra confusing stuff helps them keep their costs down. I am just bitter about the poor being given health care (as poor as their care may be) and the rich not being effected much by it.


Or wear them with a pale yellow. No? That's why I don't do colored pants. Well, I do have a pair of red ones that I wear with black. Or white. I'm so lame.

Bring pants to Chi-town so we can admire!

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