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27 July 2009


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That video is kind of annoying. I suppose since he is so anti-Pepsico he'll donate his paycheck to charity, yes? I love your product by product thoughts---those golden kiwis were YUM! My kids love their little "spifes" and the playskool toys. My three year old's favorite color is orange so I gave her the bag that the smelly bounce dryer bars came in and got many cool mom points.


I think our maid took our Bounce bags away when we had stashed them in the bathroom, she probably thought they were to be trashed!

Right, good point about donating the paycheck to charity! But I'm sure he'll use it to trick out his bicycle.


The news that Pepsi dumped the recycling bins is a deal-killer for me, but I don't drink much soda. (In my household, we once saw the garbage haulers heave our recyclables into the back of their truck, and so we ran after them yelling. Pretty crazy, I know.) Thanks for the detailed descriptions of each sponsor and your take on it all. It's a tough call. Sponsors provide better food, better drink, better party toys. But if we keep topping the previous year's experience, it'll be all swag and good times and no content. And I don't think anyone wants to go there.


Thanks, Linda. If it gets over-swaggy then I won't be interested in paying to attend to get "free" things either. Even though I sent some shit home. I mean, it was my first time.

I've been to other conferences where the exhibit hall required hours and hours to see everything and we got piles of crap, so in comparison, BlogHer's was small, to me. But the swag and sponsors were more relevant to my real life so I think that's why it was more exciting to me.


i didn't see half the sponsors you mentioned. i did, however, get my suave. and it was a particularly good thing because i had forgotten to bring my shampoo and conditioner with me. and you saw the size of my hair. i need my products!!
glad you had fun! i did too. it was awesome!!

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