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15 June 2009


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Good Luck!!! And enjoys the shows.

Lurker Girl

Of course you'll look amazing! Just relax and enjoy yourself!

And wear the hottest shoes you have . . . comfort be damned, I say!

(P.S. You can get one of those blister-preventing sticks if you want to prevent bloody stumps. Never tried them but, then again, my feet are used to be crammed into uncomfortable shoes and don't bother complaining any more.)


So, three weeks later. ...
the festival was fabulous, probably the best ever.

I immediately broke my rule about not drinking on opening night, when I had to have a pre-party shot of vodka to calm my nerves. I tried to calm myself by playing Enya while braiding my hair, but then my hair started to friz really big and the Enya didn't work AT ALL. During the festival I really didn't work, only a fraction of what I'd done in the past. But the realization of all the plans and efforts wiped me out, again. Oh, that, and the gin. Ooops.

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