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27 April 2009


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Peeved Michelle

I used to be a big fan of K-Mart before Sears bought them. They were always cheaper than Target and always had what I needed. Now, they don't carry half the stuff I want and, the last time I was in there, I ripped my favorite maternity t-shirt on one of their ghetto carts. No more K-Mart for me.


No Kmarts near me. Once gross dingy one out in the 'burg area that always disappointed - haven't been in years. It is in the Bob's complex which also disapoints.


In the small town I grew up in K-mart was within bicycling distance. We would ride our bikes down and get Thrifty ice cream... I loved that ice cream. They seem to go through ups and downs. Fred Meyer is still the best ever! :)

Tom Guarriello

Just thing, you can ask Jaclyn Smith about her new line when you meet her next Thursday in NYC! See ya then?!

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