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02 April 2009


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Peeved Michelle

If they aren't falling apart, I would like some vintage baby girl clothes.

I am saving some clothes for Kenna to have when she gets older. I wasn't thinking that I was saving them for her kids, though. It's more about the fact that there are some things that were my favorite things to dress her in and I thought she might like to have them for herself. She'll have tons of pictures of herself wearing them and I thought it would be cool if she also had the actual garment.

I have a few things that my mom saved from when I was a baby that I like to keep for myself because they are part of my own history. I don't put those scratchy polyester things on MY baby, though.


I thought of you PM and your incubating fetus. I'm definitely gonna check out the sizes and condition, take photos, and, good point, see if there are any photos of me actually wearing them and maybe keep one just because I was probably a low budget fashionista in those days, too.


Nice one ma! sheesh
I have a coupla things from the wee years - Red Sox hoopla onesie to maybe make a shadow box, diorama thingy for one of their rooms.
And then a few outfits that I was partial to, but I think I am saving them since I liked them and not for any passing down reasons.
Well, maybe the 'Karen original' crocheted thingy would get passed down...and the King costume, but those could end up on a teddy bear too...


OK that makes total sense, plus your kids are lil kids and not 41 years old. Imagine holding onto ALL your fave outfits to SECRETLY save for your assumed grandchildren 30 years later, instead of sharing them with other friends or family?

She has saved other things too and each year she releases something (eg. "I have all these disney movies on VHS I was buying to save for your kids, but I don't know what to do with them now." I responded, "donate them to children's wing of the hospital. easy.") So I wonder what next year will bring. Gaaaah

I don't know, maybe I'm just averse (adverse?) to collecting more stuff these days.

Maybe I should send her to Malawi with Madonna.


VHS tapes....funny, don't even have a machine to play those silly things.

Lurker Girl

I'm saving the clothes that mean something to me (the coming home from hospital outfit, first Easter dress, first tutu, etc.). I don't know why I'm saving them except that's what moms do. Plus, since I have two girls, these special outfits have been worn twice and mean even more to me. I also saved a bunch of newborn stuff that their dolls wear now which both breaks and melts my heart. My mom tried to get me to have my girls wear the white crocheted outfit my sister and I both wore home from the hospital. No thanks. That's why there's Ralph Lauren Layette, Mom. So no modern newborn will be forced to wear sratchy crocheted "vintage".

Maybe your mom should get a few dolls and dress them up in your old baby clothes. She can get use out of the outfits and pretend to be a grandmother. I bet she'd have the best-behaved babies on the block!


My mom has actually knit baby caps for her grandkids. Her unconceived and, as of yet, unplanned, grandkids.

Maybe our moms are friends.


I haven't saved jack. I'd like to say it's because I move too much, but mostly it's because I'm not very sentimental.

Ok, I do have 2 dresses that my mom gave me when my oldest was born. She had saved them from when I was little - 1, a hand-crocheted number & 2, a funky looking number my dad bought in Arizona on a business trip.

I never put them on any of my girls and don't know why I still have them.

Your mom kills me. Maybe James can use them?

Haven't been here in awhile, but your AI stuff cracked me up. Need some commentary for this past weeks shows! What do you think of the 2 judges only judging? Did the idiots at Fox not realize that adding another judge might make the show longer? My mom is also curious about the bald guy - but thought it was one of the contestants from last year. The one who had a baby or something?

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