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15 April 2009


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Peeved Michelle

My dad died a few years ago at the age of 50. I wouldn't say I know what it's like to lose a parent, though. He was more like an uncle to me, and not even a favorite uncle at that. He was a terrible father.

My aunt, his sister, keeps irritating me by hoping my baby is born a week early, on my father's birthday.

Lurker Girl

My mom's breast biopsy is today and while I'm sure it will be fine, it does get one thinking.

My parents are my best friends, rock-solid support system, never-say-no babysitters, and the world's coolest grandparents (my dad has dressed and undressed way too many Barbies in the past few months. To be clear, it's because my girls lack the dexterity to do it themselves. Not because he's a perv!)

The thought of losing either one of them?

Too much for me to bear. Post something else. Something about shoes, maybe. Or those Target bags you ordered?


PM, sorry you had a crappy dad.

LG, I hear you. Posted about the bags.

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