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21 April 2009


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I am so glad we don't watch this show anymore. Why don't they just put a bunch of sharks on stage and have the contestants jump over them all show? Sorry...that was really corny, but so is the show. Whoah...if I hit post right now it would appear that Blaugra herself posted this comment, which would be confusing. I better fix that.


AHAHAHAH true that.

It's so much like Solid Gold or Dance Fever was for me when I was 9 years old though. Something comforting about that.

My prediction for bottom 3 was right, and I think the finale is going to feature ADAM and KRIS.

Next week's theme: Rat Pack.
Next week's Re-run Idol performance with really bad sound: Taylor Hicks.

Let's see...for guest Idol performers that leaves us with Clay Aiken, Jordin Sparks, Elliot Yamin, and has Fantasia been on yet?

Oh, and when Seacrest said, "only 5 more weeks til the finale!" I was like COME ON ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? Aargh!


Ok, I thought that was Bret Michael - I SO don't know my 80's hasbeen rockers.

Why has Anoop grown a mustache? Why do I care? He's gone.

I liked Danny's song best because he got me up and dancing. But Danny & Alison have not changed a smidge since Week 1, so they have to go next. And Matt can only save his own life so many times - so I'm with you Blaugie - Kris & Madam in the finals.

I like how Madam's dad is all standing ovation and whistling, when 2 weeks ago in the vignette he complained because his boy never played sports. And why is he wearing shorts to the show? And why is Simon wearing a sweater in LA in April? Stick to the undershirts, dude.

Speaking of vignettes, not sure if it was just the UK version, but I got zero filler this week. No vignettes, no chatting with Ryan... but 4 judges made comments!

Loved the Abdul choreographed show opener. Except Alison didn't look good in those bell-bottoms. And wasn't that tie-dye shirt, jeans & sunglasses popular in the 60's? not 70's? I remember more prarie shirts in the 70's.

Give D a cigar from me for sitting through this torture two weeks in a row.


I'm in agreement with you on Alison. She was all 60's - early 70's. Not disco. What was up with that. She stuck out like a sore toe.

If there's one thing that Paula is good at it's....choreography.

And, there was no filler! No "here's why I picked this song" hometown/family memories/montage. No mentor. Just pick a song, get out there and make it your own!

I'm going out to buy D. a cigar now.

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