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18 April 2009


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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Madame Lambert...that's good. His Dad will love seeing him do I'm Coming Out. Ha! That's hilarious. Every time I see him walk on stage I can see him with arms outstretched going, "JESUS CHRIST, SUPERSTAR!" or "WE WILL, WE WILL ROCK YOU" on Broadway. Yes, he will either play Jesus or Freddy. He could make his hair do a Freddy thing. They can not let him win this season - he is too theatrical for an Idol. Plus the last guy had a theater background too and so we have to now go in another direction. Yes?

You are spot on with Matt doing Andy Gibb - I think he could pull it off in his JT vibe. And I will sing along with every word.

I love Anoop, but I don't know why. He is so forgettable. And I used to love Lil, but they have totally mind-f*%£ed her and so both of those crooners need to be eliminated. I like Kris too - but mostly because he's from Arkansas and has all his teeth. He's not long for this season.

I must be a pediphile because I rooted for the cute high schooler with the buttery voice last time, and this time I like the funky high schooler who rocks it out.

You really think Simon is leaving??? Maybe I've been living in the UK too long, but I love Simon and would miss him. Although I'm a little annoyed with the anti-Paula & anti-Ryan bantering that he does. ENOUGH. We tune in to hear a singing competition, not you guys bickering with each other. Kara has not added enough to the show -- and no way could you leave it to her, P & R. If I hear "you made it your own" out of her lisp-y mouth one more time I will scream and start taking drugs like Paula. Is Bea Arthur still alive?

And how does Quentin Tarrantino become a mentor? Aren't we in a recession? Are there no other singers who want the gig? Not that I don't like him, but... c'mon.

OK - my mom thinks the bald guy is Phil Tracey/Stacey or something like that. He was on the Jordin Sparks season, which I missed while in transit. I personally think it's D's suggestion of a Blue Man minus the blue.

Now, since you are back on the AI track... I will have to refrain from checking your blog until Friday. We get the performance show on Thurs and results on Fri. (Talk about a tape delay!) I totally have to avoid the internet if I want to be surprised. Chat on!


Madam L. knows he's theatrical and great and is playing the game well. But I don't think he'll win - I think Kris could surprise us this week. :) he could be a winner. He has really developed and that's what Idol wants to do with the contestants. Adam, Lil, Danny, even Allison - none of them has "grown" much from when they started.

I am sick of the childish bantering too! Yeah, Phil is like two seasons ago, get with the program. I've decided to live blog again tomorrow night, since I need the exercise of running around the house.

"high schooler with buttery voice" - LOL

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