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23 March 2009


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Love the draw-ring dahrling! VPN - aheeee. The capelet is 'green' - smaller amount of paper. Did they have signs plastered about proclaiming that you shouldn't wear anti-perspirant? I thought it was kind of too late for that sign if you were already in the waiting area...

Lurker Girl



Capelet was cloth, the kind my grandma used to sew little doll clothes for me! Yes, signs plastered everywhere about no deoderant or perfume or lotion, which is why I always try to choose an early morning appointment. But they do have special "mammo-wipes" in the changing area so you can wipe your pits. At the old facility they also had deoderant you could re-apply after the test, and they also give you a rose.
I didn't get no stinkin' flower.

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