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30 March 2009


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I lovvvvved KING BABY beyond words! Beyond the Pale if you will. I just got the CD from Target and I'm in heaven b/c it has 30 minutes of stand-up not seen in the what will surely be classic stand-up special. I HIGHLY recommend getting KING BABY. We are living in a golden age of comedy.


Thanks for stopping by, Jim Gaffigan!


Is it actually possible for Gaffigan to surpass his hilarious "Beyond the Pale"?? The answer is yes! "King Baby" was awesome! I've never appreciate bacon more than I do now, thanks to Gaffigan. I have my glorious "King Baby" DVD already. Just bought it, can't wait to watch it over and over. If you know what funny is, get this DVD you won't stop laughing, I still can't!


seriously, if you like Jim Gaffigan, you will LOVE this.

If you don't like Jim Gaffigan, you will love this.

In Conclusion, you will love this.

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