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04 January 2009


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Yay! Congrats on the new toobee!!! And I know just how to make old appliances sparklier. GLITTER and a glue gun. Heh heh.
I find the large fancy washing machines and dryers a bit TOO BIG and I associate them with Ty and the tear jerker stories, but all is well cause they end up with those honkin' big Kenmores!
I think if our Craigslist washer or dryer goes I would look for used ones again even if I could buy new. I like the white ones in a square shape better then a blue or orange curvy ones.
I find that section of Best Buy to be intimidating. Wait, I find a lot of the aisles intimidating like the Guitar Hero one with a long haired customer testing it out with a wicked serious mug on.


Woo hoo....I missed this post earlier in the week. Congrats. So did you go with the Sony 40" or what? I need details.

I have thought the same thing recently with frequent trips to Target and Best Buy (recession my ass).

I had the same experience with Best Buy. I did my research all online and knew exactly what TV I wanted. You really can't compare in the store when they are next to each other, it is next to impossible. But anyway, I LITERALLY stood in front of the exact TV I wanted to buy for at least ten minutes before a guy even looked at me. It was weird, I had actually imposed a time limit before I walked my ass out and drove 20 minutes to the nearest Circuit City, but they got in just under the gun. They are weird like that, all the times I was truly "just looking" they wouldn't leave me alone, but when I was ready to drop 1500 bucks on a gas filled television, they wouldn't give me the time of day.

Anyway, consider your life changed. You won't know how you could stand watching Grey's Anatomy in LOW DEF for all those years!

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