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27 January 2009


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Ms. Dejalurker

Thanks for sucking me into the "16 random things" survey by tagging me. You can do as I do and just ignore them. My philosophy is, my real friends know what there is to know about me and I don't need Facebook to facilitate the exchange. Just say "no". I would over think one of those surveys and never finish it anyway. I'd spend too much time making sure my answers were interesting, unique, intriguing...I simply don't have time for it. Sounds like you need a fun day out to forget about everything. Let's schedule our Mama Mia day in New York so we have something to look forward to...

Lurker Girl

We discussed this Friday but I do think I'm happier (and more productive) because I'm not on Facebook. I'm an All-Or-Nothing Girl so I would get sucked into that vortex and never get out. Sort of like you.

Plus, as a single mom of two little girls, I have to be careful with oversharing on the Internet.


I'm going on a Facebook fast starting ... in 10 minutes. Til I can figure this shit out. I'm gonna read a book or someone else's blog for a change. There's a thought.


I did the 16 things and then I got tagged on the 25 ones. I pondered just adding 9 more things to 16. Mine were a combo of shallow and less shallow, but in reality mostly shallow. I would never reveal the really good stuff. :) (Especially since my parents are my friends.)


i opted out of the 25 things list, i just won't do it. unless you ask me too, then i will but no one else.

you make some excellent points here, and i sometimes think all this social networking is absurd. the upside it is less work than dealing with people face to face all the time. especially those people that do not honor my request when i tell them i have to get off the phone, or i have to leave their house (or the country).

there you go.


I am on day 6 of Facebook Fast.

I'm just trying to cleanse and readjust. I'm starting to feel like I'm missing out on news, especially since yesterday I was somewhere and someone in the flesh said, "Did you see that he had a kid?" and the other human being said, "Yeah, I saw that in his status, good for him!" I was like - what? who? huh?

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