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03 November 2008


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I waited in line in for 5 1/2 hours to vote early yesterday at the San Diego Registrar of Voters...it was amazing to see so many people come out to take advantage of the ability to vote early.

Just ONE of the highlights of my weekend, Steverino and I attended a rally Saturday for No on Prop 8. Prop 8 changes the California Constitution to eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry. Provides that only a marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California. So, straight couples are the ONLY ones to get married, be miserable and get divorced?

How can people hate so much that they want to lawfully discriminate?

I CAN NOT wait until the election is over and I don't have to watch another negative campaign ad against one politician or proposition. (or at least for another 2 years until it starts all over again)


Why is your state fucking around with that? Aren't there greater problems to solve? Wack.

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