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06 October 2008


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Perhaps she meant you had nice white trash bags now - she liked the fact that you had little targets all over them...
As for the cape - can you lift your arms in it - just askin'...


I can not lift my arms very high. There is a small window of occasions I can wear it. I was thinking of wearing it to temple for Yom, because it's freezing there, and I don't have to move for hours. And I would maybe hide the pricetag and then return it. I've never done that. I think that might be a sin that I should not commit.


Wearing it to Temple and then returning it? LOL, atone and then commit sins!


Maybe then I could look half as good as the ladies in their real Chanel suits.


So, okay, half the stuff is going back including the weird cape-jacket. Looks great in mirror but not in real life. Jonathan Saunders dress has covered button strip (whatever it's called) that does not lie flat. Bad.

Kettle corn was delish.


mrs. meyers??? I'm crushed!


I know, I was impulsive and saw the deal.

But their selection was totally not as good as Comfort & Joy! They did not have the scents I like. Crappy lemon verbena. I'm trying their surface wipe things and will need new ones soon because I have a lot of surface to wipe...

I'm now returning 2/3 of the clothes. Whew. I need those new Nick & Nora pajamas though!

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