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15 October 2008


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Lurker Girl

I imagine the only thing sadder would be the ads targeted to "single" 30-something women.


Too funny. Weird I am a Facebook addict and I could not tell you one ad on my page. I guess I block them out much like I block out TV commercials and annoying sports announcers.


Okay, for research purposes, I had to check my ads, they are as follows:
Become a Police Officer
Iceland Winter Madness
Official "Office" Store
Need Basketball Shirts (okay I lied, I have noticed and clicked on this one before)
Electric & Hybrid Cars
Vote Yes on 1
Never Shave Again
New Diamond D Album


I am trained to notice marketing.

Who the hell is Diamond D? I'll look it up. Why can't I get that ad and not the creepy lifelike baby dolls "intended for adult collectors?"!

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