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17 September 2008


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Average Jane

Hmm, I'll have a get a copy.


I think women who have had children might have more recognition of the power of hormones than we who are child-free, so some of this may not be a surprise to moms. And the book leans toward additional progesterone use so I'll be consulting other sources also. But the informational part of the book was eye-opening!


Send me this for Christmas, Santa.

I just went to the doctor today for my headache issue. I've been having lots of migraine headaches for the past few weeks - which is completely out of the norm for me. I was having all the migraine-y halo thingies and my vision was like looking through a prism. I thought for sure I had MS or cancer (or at least stress), but apparently it's a hormonal/age thing. Who knew?

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