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25 August 2008


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The only time I ever went to a Sixers game(many years ago) I tried to buy a Dr. J button. They were sold out. I had to settle for Darryl Dawkins. Why I didn't buy Doug Collins I can't explain. Anyway, Chocolate Thunder it was and I still have it. Did you know Chocolate Thunder was from the Planet Lovetron?


I did not know that until after I met him. I wonder if he hangs out with George Clinton, isn't he from another planet also?


Don't sell yourself short - you probably know the Macarena & the Chicken Dance too.


Daryl Dawkins got a monster dunk!

That is classic stuff, IZ no problem. Was he at least good looking? I mean, not that any little Dominican dude could be better looking than Salty, but I'm just curious.


Make that Low-Salty now!


was no good-looking to me.

and how could I forget the Macarena!

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