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28 August 2008


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Your analysis cracked me up. However, you didn't warn me there was an Osmond boy in the group...


I think I blogged a few months back about how these guys are fucking geniuses!

I had drinks with a former co-worker chippie last night that is going to their show in Boston this weekend and she like could barely even put a sentence together she was so excited. She admitted she felt like she was 16 again, she is not alone.

One of my claims to fame in life is I got to do "SECURITY" when Marky Mark Wahlberg performed at the amusement park I worked at, and all the New Kids were there except Jordan, and I got to meet and hang out with them for a bit. And even help Donnie get into one of our costume character outfits so he could walk around the park and not get trampled by teeny boppers. Anyway, yeah Danny is like the 5th Beatle, at least Jon (who used to go by Jonathan) is Jordan's brother, he's got that going on. But I think every boy band has an ugly dude right?

Whoah, just typed way too much about NKOTB, but hey, they got the right stuff eh? I just threw up in my mouth.


I cannot believe I am only 2 degrees from Donnie Walberg!

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