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30 August 2008


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Oh good golly - my new swear - I can't believe it is football season. I think I will miss the PSU vs. Coastal Caroline agame thoday - oh wait, I did miss it already, but by golly I knew who they were playing from the General.


I'm sure you did, Miss Molly. Is Coastal Carolina a community college, D. wanted to know? :)


Pitt had their first game yesterday (yes, we even get college football in this boot land) and lost to Bowling Green. Does it get any worse than that? I think that's why we live out of the country.


The Cuse lost to Northwestern eh? Are they ever going to be good again? Have they had a winning record since Donovan McNabb? Just curious. The U beat Charlestown Southern, who I think might be Coastal Carolina's in conference rival!

Be careful with the GPS! Mine lasted about 2 weeks in Greater Boston before it was stolen. Granted i left the car unlocked but it wasn't even on display, just the remnant of the suction cup was still there so they knew where to look (console). I loved it for those 2 weeks though.


Pitt was supposed to win that game, and Syracuse was supposed to win that game! What the hell. the least S.U. could do is try to have a good season in honor of the Ernie Davis movie premiering soon. That movie will be the only good football seen of Syracuse. They will not be good again until they get a new coach. I don't know what Pitt's excuse is. :)


Most division one teams are supposed to win their first game. There are only a few tough made for TV match ups in the early season. Most teams have their first hard game in Week 2. Like Miami, who will likely get killed by the Gators this week, but at least they beat one team by 50 points.

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