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10 July 2008


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No comment....I just wanted you to know that I am reading.


no comment from a guy in a BOOK STORE?! What what


Here you go. Remember that I’m a book, music and movie nerd.

Rolling Stone (mostly for the music and movie reviews)

Film Comment (reviews and articles about all the new arty and foreign films)

Entertainment Weekly (some mindless articles and good reviews. i’m starting to get a little tired of the weekly article by Diablo Cody and Stephen King)

Time Out New York (articles and detailed info on what is happening in and around New York)

Under The Radar (catch up on all the indie hipster bands that nobody knows about)

MaximumRocknRoll (still like to page through this zine at the bookstore)

New Yorker (cartoons and reviews)

I kind of liked Harp magazine but just found out that they had their last issue in March 2008. I miss Premiere magazine that stopped being printed in 2007. It was like Rolling Stone for movies.

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