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30 May 2008


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Care to fill the rest of us in?


Kermit the Frog in an old Pontiac. Fun imagery!


The French Connection meets the Rainbow Connection.


Yeah I still don't get it. Apparently I am very dumb.


Kermit (The Rainbow Connection) is riding in a 1971 Pontiac LeMans (the car in the movie French Connection which has one of the best car chases in a movie ever, yes I had to look up the kind of car it is)
I've only seen the car chase (by Gene Hackman) scene, never the whole movie.
I actually dig Steve McQueen in Bullitt more.


Okay I get it (kinda) but I wonder who the fuck buys that shirt? A super Kermit fan or a movie buff?

chris ives

I'm so gay for knowing this, but there's also a song in one of the Muppet Movies called Rainbow Connection.


We had to sing it in music class when I was in elementary school.

But by far, the hardest part about singing The Rainbow Connection- Telling your dad that you're gay!

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