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17 April 2008


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Ron Who????? Why waste the vote?


In Pennsylvania we must vote straight ticket during primaries. A vote for McCain is a wasted vote. While there are plenty of new democrats in the state, I also know of many democrats who switched parties to republican to vote for Paul.

Supporters want him at the convention. http://www.nolanchart.com/article3438.html

If you have never looked into this candidate, it's worth spending 15 minutes blitzing through his site and YouTube channel to see why he's still on the ballot and still getting delegates.

Lurker friends have also called it "cute" or "sad" that I say I'm casting my vote for liberty and hope.

If I were a democrat, at this moment, I'd be an Obama girl. But I change my mind almost every day.


Obama's a socialist, the exact opposite of everything Ron Paul stands for. If you support Paul, why would you even consider Obama?


Phil, I don't know, I can't back up my opinion about the democrats.

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