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13 March 2008


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"Make Peeps Not War"

I love it.

That 8 year old might have been called down to the Principals Office had he handed that project in for art class! LOL


I think this is hilarious. However, I'm also scared of what that means about me.

Lurker Girl

Just wanted you to know that my parents now read your blog (what can I say they're retired and have a lot of time on their hands) and think you're hysterical.

So, no pressure or anything but Lurker Parents totally think you should write a book, too. But not in a "Get-a-Room!" tone.


I am honored that your parents read this. My parents won't. They think it's "weird." Which is why I talk about them behind their backs.

Lurker Girl

Funny, my mom started reading it because I'd e-mail her a link to an especially funny post now and then. Then, on her own, she started checking in. She'd read funny parts aloud to my dad. Now, my dad checks your blog before she even wakes up.

I don't know if that's really cool and hip or really sad and boring.

But, anyway, no pressure to be FUCKING HYSTERICAL EVERY DAY or anything...

Tom Guarriello

I am writing to express my outrage at the use of an Audi in your Peep-destroying tableau. Audis are fine German automobiles, superbly engineered to enable their operators to avoid Peeps. Any Audi operator who damaged a Peep cannon, by definition, be a terrorist. I suggest you look deeper into the Peep in question's history to determine the crime for which s/he/hit was punished.

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