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13 January 2008


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You need to write a screenplay for an indie film. "Blaugra" will sweep through Sundance, get picked up for distribution and be a huge hit. You'll win "Best Adapted Screenplay" at the Oscars since it will be based on a Blog. This will start a new trend. It'll be known as the "Blaug-ing of Hollywood". You'll be on the cover of Entertainment Weekly with the actress who will play Blaugra in the film. Who will that be? Who will play Salty D? Who will play the characters at your favorite Coffeehouse? Let's cast the "Blaugra" movie!!! Pick a character and which actor or actress will play him or her. This will be fun!


I would have to play the lead female character, and Jon Stewart would play Salty D. and I would need to add several gratuitous sex scenes to the script.

Oh, well, since I can't ACT we'll have to think about that a little more.

But this scenario would mean I would get to go to the Oscars and wear blue eyeshadow, yes?


It's funny that you mentioned the Mony Mony song aka. Hey, Hey What etc. because it came on the other day and yes I sang the words and your cousin said "where did that come from"? I guess that's the older generation for you:)

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