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27 January 2008


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Congrats on making the big D, but sorry it had to be so painful in the store. And here I thought Lowe's was better then Home Depot. Ah, the big box....


I am still truly amazed at the lack of client service regardless of the fact that it is so rare. I frequently wish I had the skills necessary to be able to rely on myself for EVERY need so as not to be subjected to ineptitude of the service industry.

I too thought Lowe's bested Home Depot. Another myth shattered. Damn.


You want customer service? Try BestBuy. I went in 2 weeks ago to get an XM-ready receiver, an XM mini-tuner and an XM mini-tuner home dock--everything I need to begin hearing satellite radio in my home (or business). I found the receiver I wanted and waited patiently to ask an associate where the other items were located as they were not in the vicinity. A good, solid 10 minutes later I was finally asked if I needed help. I told him exactly what I needed and asked if it was available. He said he thought so and looked the same places I had looked. He then asked someone else who told him it was located in "Mobile" all the way across the store and would I like him to walk me over there? I declined while wondering why the accessories for a home unit are located in "Mobile". I soon discovered they were not, in fact, located in "Mobile". I discovered this after standing in front of an empty shelf for another 10 minutes while an "associate" talked on a store phone, looking at me at least a dozen times. When he hung up he proceeded to walk away. I waited for him to walk back at which time I almost needed to tackle him to get him to stop. He was able to inform me that the items I need were located in an entirely different section approximately 15 feet from where I began my quest. I have had at least 4 such adventures at BestBuy in the past year while looking for items ranging from a dvd player to specific dvd's. I'm pretty sure I know the layout of the store better than most of the "associates" and am more knowledgeable about many of their products. This is really saying something becaquse I am basically clueless when it comes to consumer electronics. I have experienced similar lack of service at Home Depot and Lowe's. Is there no training? Is there no basic, rudimentary customer service skill-set to be taught to these chuckleheads?

David Brooks

You should have looked into buying your blinds online. You get much better service. There are also short, easy-to-understand online videos that show you how to measure your windows for blinds and shades. Online retailers also tend to have a better selection and lower prices.


Deja...a few months ago I bought a new plasma TV. I had done all my research online and done a couple trips to BB for window shopping. By the time I was ready to purchase all I needed to do was go in there and ask for the TV. So I did, I walked in there with a print out showing exactly what I wanted, model #, everything and literally stood there for 10 minutes before I was even acknowledged. I was about 2 minutes away from walking out and driving the 30 minutes to Circuit City, but an "associate" came just in time!


By the way Blaugra, I love how you have the word FUCKERY in your subtitle of the blog, yet in your post, you favor the F@%KING technique, good stuff!

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