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29 December 2007


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Peeved Michelle

I was so careful not to drink any water that wasn't bottled when I was in Puerto Vallarta. A couple days in, as I guzzled my thirtieth iced tea, I realized what an idiot I was. What did I think iced tea was made from? Where did I think the ice cubes came from? Then I realized my guts were fine and quit worrying about it.

Lurker Girl

You didn't answer my question... did you wear the long dress?

Peeved Michelle

Oh yeah, I was in Acapulco. I knew it was one of the Love Boat stops.


I did not pack that dress, lurker girl. I'm glad I didn't because 1) I did not need to draw any more attention to my breasts especially after the "eye-fucking" by a 17 year old boy when I was wearing a simple bathing suit and 2) it was too damn hot there to wear anything that covered the ankles. I had other cute clothes though. :)

I would like to go to Puerto Vallarta!

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