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08 October 2007


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What I really want to know is where Bret's hairline starts. Has he ever been seen without a hat and/or bandana on since 1986? How bald is he?


He insists he has a full head of hair - but, I suspect there's major thinning on top! I mean, remember how much he used to tease and spray his hair? Of course it fell out! Some people also think he wears a wig, or at least has extensions like Heather does now. See, they DO belong together! They can share hair extensions.


No fucking way he has a full head of hair. If he did, you'd think like one day out of a hundred, he might actually show it off!

Funny, on the bench of my rec league bball game last night, the topic of this show came up. I was dying. Turns out a lot of people have this show as their guilty pleasure.

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