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15 September 2007


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What happened to Blow Job Brandi?


That is a HORRENDOUS picture of Jes. Heather is rather manly looking. And I don't want to spoil anything for anyone, but...I was very excited for what happened to Lacey this week.

Kull: BJB got a nasty send off when Bret determined she was playing with people's emotions. Because apparently he expected something different on a reality TV show.


BJB (a.k.a. Wild Thing) projectile vomited at the dinner table, then professed her love for Bret (while puking), then took it back, and Bret was hurt. Because you know you always believe what people say when their head's hanging over the toilet bowl.

How much do you love Lacey's dad? "I wanna know whose c*ck my daughter is sucking..." classy guy

show is awesome


Jes is from my area and I heard part of her radio interview yesterday. She seems totally rad, just like she does on the show.

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