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07 September 2007


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Couple questions:

1) So you thought the movie was about special ed kids getting a ride to school, and this seemed interesting for you? ;-)
2) Do people really get their picture taken at Ground Zero?
3) Have you ever seen "Kids"

Peeved Michelle

"Down the shore"... hee. That is so East Coast.


1) Well, it came up as a recommendation for me and I read the description!

2) Yes, they do.

3) I have seen Kids. That was even more disturbing to me. I think what's different about Shortbus is that the characters are choosing to have sex, mutual consent and all that. Oh, Kids was real kids, right?

East coast rule! :)


You know I thought that about Kids when it first came out, but I don't think that is the case. I think it was more like the kids that were acting in KIDS were not professional actors for the most part. But Chloe Sevigny was in it, and she is the real deal. And the kid that played Casper went on to do other stuff. The black skateboader, he passed away recently, right after he was on Miami Ink.


Oh yeah, the KIDS were passing AIDS around, at least one of them was, right?

And I need to correct my grammar. East Coast Rules.


Yep...that is what was happening with the AIDS in tha movie. Morale of the story, never engage in sexual acts with a girl that is passed out, she could have found out she has AIDS that morning.

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