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10 September 2007


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Wow, you are now officially an 18 year old boy(canadian that is)...


I'm reliving this picture of you feeling Miss Lucite's mams. Hmmm...I bet Salty D was smiling.

I was walking in La Marais in Paris yesterday, when this couple stopped in the middle of the side walk and inserted there tongues into each others blow hole..."oh my, welcome to Paris" I said.


Great story. But I think "strip clubs" in Jersey are a poor representation of the industry, since they are called "GO GO BARS" and all. You gotta go to Vegas for a real taste! But it'll cost you more then a Hamilton to get in the door!


Why am I suddenly Canadian?

I don't think I could handle topless or nudie bars. I like the New Jersey rules. I think that's the only reason D. conceded to take his wife into the place.

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