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08 May 2007


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I am still laughing at the visual in my head of you running topless.

I've had that experience before too - not with the heart, but with the Bitch Dr. Except she was a he in my case and kept saying, "Why are you here?" Then you start thinking, "Sheesh. My other doc must have just been trying to shove me off on someone else. Was I being a hypochondriac?" And you feel like a doofus. And then you get mad because you wasted all this time and money.
Sigh. I feel for ya, Blaugra. Hang in there. Is Jamaica coming soon?


I love you and your honesty...


I too am laughing at the sight of you on the treadmill! OMFG! BD's are everywhere! I guess bedside manners are something they don't teach in Med school! It's great to have you back...I missed you!

Peeved Michelle

All those ladies suck.

Tom Guarriello

Um...welcome back!

We certainly missed you, too, but, did you have to be so fucking dramatic and have your first "I'm back" post be, like, a bad episode of House?

Jeezuz...what a hilarious/annoying/typical depiction of the state of our medical system. Could we be more fucked up?


And, the image of you sitting there, Tony Soprano-like, looking at the ducks at the end...priceless.

Please tell us that you'll keep us informed about the test results, the party, the weather, and everything else that goes on in the world of Blaugra and Salty D!

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