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30 April 2007


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Diet Coke in the morning is bad for you? Geesh, maybe that's why I'm fuckin whacked each morning...Have you thought of a move to a sunnier (relative-less) city?


I hope this isn't my fault!
The breakfast combo #1 doesn't effect me...I SAID IT DOESN'T EFFECT ME!!
You may take a break Blaugie! But not for long, please!!
And always remember, there are some of us that don't understand mental illness or how to help in the best way or try to pretend it's not really there even though it's REALLY close, and we want you to know that we would do anything if you needed help...dance parties included.
Be well my friend. Live long and vacate!


Timmer - I HAVE thought of a move out of the damn pressure cooker that is the northeast. Idaho looks good to me now.

And Natz - I see no difference between a cup of coffee and a diet coke. A diet coke is so sparkly and refreshing! Morning DC drinkers unite! I just have to remember not to mix it with pop tarts, or Mentos!, in the future.

Thanks for your kindness peeps


Thank you so much for your help with my paintings and such... it doesn't go unnoticed...i'll miss the daily blog ritual...you're really good at it..please don't go away for long .o0

Tom Guarriello

You go rest. We'll be here waitin' for ya when you get back.


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