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25 February 2007


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Tom Guarriello

This has been a touching series of posts, Laurie. Very sensitively, insightfully and humorously written. Best to everyone.



i repeat...please write a book!!!


If you do embark on a cleaning spree DO NOT get rid of the snow globe collection. I am so glad you have written about all of this too - amazing to read and so heartfelt.


Aaak. Sno-globes are stayin'! I'll will them to you Kristin! HA!

Thanks everyone!!! It's been really helpful to have this outlet to process all the emotions. And we do manage to find the humor in everything.


FYI...I feel your pain on the hazmat cleanup. I could not believe how much I had to pay to "Bad Scene Cleaning" (again not really the name) after one of my workers cut two of his fingers up. The worst part is seeing the itemized list and how much they charge for "setup costs" and the markup on dust masks, tyvek suits, etc. If you have the stomach for it, what a great business!

Sorry for your loss, but thanks for writing about it.

marcia ollinger

you have a gift, laura....and just maybe the things that have happened in your life have brought out this gift so that you can share and share very well....to help others....isn't that the key?? I enjoy knowing you.

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