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21 January 2007


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Peeved Michelle

Hilarious. Filed for future use.

Tom Guarriello

Dr. Guarriello would like to say that he finds this anecdote a perfect example of the theme of his forthcoming book: Smarten The F Up: Creative Parenting In The 21st Century. Available soon at booksellers near you and, of course, Amazon.com.


fuckin awesome!


Nice title, doc.

Here's another one from a "responsible" - ahem - auntie...
Teenage boys: Hey, guess what movie we're watching?!
Me: Looks like Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas. Does this make you want to drop acid?
Teenage boys: No!
Me: Good. Because acid is bad, mmmkay?
Teenage boys' mom: If you do acid, I'll cut your balls off!! Stick to pot!


Ouch..tough message, because as we all know pot is a gateway drug to other pyschadelics!


oh - I am absolutely going to use this. I'll let you know how it goes.

Cara Fletcher

I was amazed by this approach.I have haerd many parenting tips but none like this one.Hopefully my osn is not using the f- word so I wouldn't need to use this tip for now. :)

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