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22 January 2007


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Whoops...I scrolled too far on the comment tip, see my comment on Kinky What, it was really meant for this post!

chris ives

Her name is New York?? Are you kidding me?? They made fun of that show on The Soup and showed the Dick-in-the-box-singer-looking white guy cradle her little dog and cry because he missed his dog. Painful!


Kull - kinky WHAT? :)

CI - I know! That guy ("Romance") was HYSTERICAL.
And, New York is from upstate New York. I'm not talkin' Poughkeepsie, either. She's from waaay up near Buffalo.

chris ives

I guy on my website just commented that I LOVE NEW YORK is VH1's most successful show... I am sad.


Kinky what...

I posted my comment regarding this show on your post titled "Kinky What" by accident, that is what I meant here.

Sorry for confusing you.


Yah, I got that Kull - I was echoing KinkyWhatWHAT.

ANYway -
Yeah, I<3NY is Vh-1's most successful debut ever. One season only, please, vh-1. Go out on top. Don't let it become like Joanie Loves Chachi.

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